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Introducing MtDI 


         Zeev’s Modular Dental Implants technology 


   with Renewable Surface and Customized Length



    Zeev implants’ revolutionary

                MtDI technology

   Answers the main challenge

    of implants dentistry - 

    Minimal invasive managing

    Peri-implantitis disease.                           


Over time,

1/3 of the patients and 1/5 of all implants suffer from Peri-implantitis diseases (PI) -

a destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants, causing significant loss of supporting bone.

 Bacterial accumulation on exposed implant surfaces may result in progressive bone loss.

The second reimplantation attempt -

          30% lower success rates

The third reimplantation attempt -

          50% lower success rates

  • A significantly greater percentage of early failures  before abutment connection.

  • Significant greater percentage of postoperative pain .


Zeev's unique patented dental implant is based on a modular design that consists of multiple sections (rings) that can easily connect or separate to achieve a customized length during the implantation process.


The implants' modularity provides innovative and simple minimal invasive treatment for Peri-implantitis inflammatory disease around dental implants.


      For the first time –

      Only by using Zeev's Modular Dental Implants:

  • Dentist may totally remove only the bacteria-infected part.

  • It improves implant management options that eliminates total implant extraction.

  •  Ability to re-use the original crown and bridges.

  • Reduces complications, pain, "chair-time" and costs.

Customized length during implantation process


Patent issued in Israel, EU, USA.

  • Second patent - Pending

  • CE Mark Certification

  • ISO 13485 -2016

  • FIM IRB approved

  • First patient follow-up – 48 months

  • Demonstrated Proof-of-Concept

  • Awarded European Union's Seal of  Excellence H2020.


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Zeev Implants was Founded  by Dr. Pinchas Kfir, The Trendlines Group and IIA. 

By using Zeev's unique modular dental implants –  

  • Gain confidence by improved implant management options.

  • Eliminates total implant extraction.

  • Ability to re-use the original crown.

  • Reduces complications, pain, chair-time and costs.

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