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Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements one-piece devices which integrate with existing bone tissue. Today, implants are not capable of being shortened or extended according to changing clinical requirements.


Over time, 30-50% of implant patients suffer from Peri-implant diseases (PI) - a destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants, causing significant loss of supporting bone. Bacterial accumulation on exposed implant surface may result in progressive bone loss.

Current treatment solutions include different techniques for implant surface treatments or decontamination.


No reliable treatment alternative  for Peri-implantitis is available today.


Untreated PI may require implant removal. Implants replacement process is painful, costly and may cause additional damage to the surrounding bone and tissue.

 Peri-implant diseases (PI) 




Zeev’s unique dental implant is based on a modular design that consists of multiple sections (rings) that can easily connect or separate to achieve a customized length.


Over time, when Peri-implant disease develops, it develops from the top down.

Current solutions try unsuccessfully to remove the contaminated exposed implant surface.

By Zeev's modular implants - dentists can simply totally remove only the bacteria-infected upper part (ring) of the implant and replace it with a new sterile ring for re-osseo- integration. The bottom part of the implant need not be extracted and replaced.


For the first time – only by using Zeev's unique modular dental implants - dentist gain confidence by improved implant management options that eliminates total implant extraction, ability to re-use the original crown, reduces complications, pain, chair-time and costs



  • Compatible with standard dental implants dimensions, tools and techniques


  • Insert the implant by standard procedure


  • If you need to shorten the implant – introduce retrieving tool and remove the upper ring.


  • Over time - If PI develops, remove restoration


  • Remove granulation tissue and bone residues, using standard treatment protocols


  • Introduce retrieving tool and remove the upper ring

  • Debride tissue (per standard treatment protocols)

  • Replace with new uncontaminated ring with threads or without threads (Highly Polished )


  • Return original restoration

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